Can’t find original author. Here it goes:

It’s so easy to fuck with their heads.

Chain escalation based on plausible deniability. That’s what it is but there’s a name for it. I think it was mentioned in an RSD video. You get her saying yes and keep doing things that are ok, and slowly it gets from point A to your bed.

  • “We’re just gonna stop by my house, I need to get my other credit card”
  • “Fuck this we’re already here, and we’re going to the bar in 2 mins, let’s pre drink, I’ve got this bottle of w/e, let’s go out on the deck, check out my view”

now you’re drinking wine together on your deck looking at your backyard or the night sky. Have some shit pre made that you can toss into the oven for a snack that takes 5 min to make.

  • “I’ll be right back I gotta use the loo”
  • “I lied, I saw you were hungry and I wanted something so I got us some of these.”

Now with food and wine, she’s not gonna want to go to the bar. Get her to watch a movie with you, crank that heat down in your house. Have some blanket nearby somewhere. 10 min into the movie plop the blanket down on the other couch

  • “this is if it gets too cold for you”

As soon as she reaches for the blanket (assuming you haven’t made a move already before this):

  • “If you’re getting under there, I’m getting under there too”

Now you’re both under a blanket watching a movie and sex is literally minutes away if you know how to escalate properly.

And another one:

It’s known as a yes ladder. It’s a sales and persuasion technique upon which you start with an easy positive thing, then move on towards other position things in a chain until you reach the last thing, which was your goal. Initially they might not of agreed to the last thing, but by chaining together positive easily agreeably things first you created a positive feedback loop in their brain.

If the goal was to fuck her, then if you open with “hey come over to my house at X time” there is a good chance she’ll turn you down. This is reality we live in, her ASD is going push her away because there is no plausible deniability. So first it’s to meet up at a bar for some drinks, or maybe a pub or what not. Have a drink or three, chit chat and escalate with some kino to get her comfortable with you touching her and absolutely don’t give off any negative vibes or judgements. Then advice to go “somewhere” else, but on the way you need to stop by at your place to pick something up. Then the rest kind of falls into place, especially since you’ve already prepared the environment and preplanned the entire thing. At the end you have some great sex and she has an exciting story, featuring her as the lead, about how it “just happened”.