Tinder Pickup Lines

Original post by raystantz:

2 plates crashed over a 3 week period so I finally got tinder last Thursday. Here’s lines used on matches and their response rate-

Song quotes- 5/7

  • People keep repeating
  • Just a small town girl
  • More than a feeling
  • Is my love your drug
  • You can’t always get what you want
  • Shake it off

These worked alright for me, they couldn’t help but say the next line or that they knew the song. But weren’t very engaged.

Compliments 1/3

  • XXXX is my kryptonite
  • If you were furniture you’d be the lamp from a Christmas story
  • You’ve got a ‘celebrity’ look to you

I think girls get the validation they want from compliments like these so they don’t feel the need to respond, so they didn’t.

Negs 4/4

  • It’s all about that Bass, no treble
  • Who dresses you?
  • You look like the girl that always dies first in horror movies!
  • I loved you in the muppet movies!

As always these worked the best, got them engaged right from the start and made them feel their feelings or challenge me.

Have slept with two of them and my cupboard is full again, not surprisingly both from the neg openers. They helped set the tone. Don’t know if this is a pointless post but my buddy said matches were easy but getting responses from quality women was hit or miss.

Others added theirs, too:

johnyann: My go-to is “how many pushups can you do?” I have no idea why but I get a lot of good responses.

a_nus: Somewhat relevant. When a girl compliments my arms, I tell her to show me her own guns. Gives me the chance to make kino by touching her arms and sets her up for some good ol neggin

CryptoManbeard: One of my favorites: “Flex.” <feel her guns> “No seriously, flex.”

tits_out_forTheBoys: I stole my go-to opener from another RedPiller’s blog, but it works fairly well and sends the intended message: you look like trouble 😉

Another thing which has worked really well for me is midway through the conversation, send her a message, “#.” It’s cocky, it’s funny, and it’s aloof. She might respond with something like “Straight forward, aren’t you?” But just reply with another # sign. It hasn’t failed me yet, no joke.

Credit for that technique goes to Chateau Heartiste’s blog post on Tinder game.

Note: “#” as in “phone #”, not “pound” or “hashtag”.

thredditsowaway: The “neg” is so well-known that every girl knows about it. Girls these days are actively watching out for negs. But they still work. Funny, isn’t it?

Bookkeep: I’m currently using Tinder as a girl with a few bikini pics just for shits and giggles.

I don’t waste much time on it but roughly, 100 swipes, 90-95 matches. 70-80 messages to me. 1-2 messages that weren’t “Hi” “Hey” or “Hi Jane Doe how are you?:”

0 Negative/angry messages.

CloakedOrchid: Once again the Average Joe sets the bar extremely low for us. I’ve had great success with just “Hey you’re cute!” paired with some comment about one of their photos/interests.

WardlyHasted: My profile for a while was: “Looking for a smart, kind, strong and confident woman. Someone who can hold a conversation, has a sense of humour, likes to have fun…. just kidding — brunette with a sweet ass, no fatties.

Worked pretty well. Some girls would even message first saying something like “I actually thought you were a nice guy for a minute”, “oh so your actually a dick” and my favourite, “wow do girls actually message you with that profile?”

Vaganusaurus: My favorite thing to do is blow-up acting beta or socially inept to comical levels in a very short period of time before leveling out at whatever pace works for the girl.

My favorite thing is asking her to go to applebee’s with me because my grandma got me a gift card that still has $22 on it and then I go on to mention what 2 for $20 meal we’ll get and what the names of our future children will be. I vary writing style, vocabulary, character backstory and amount of detail depending on the perceived intelligence of the person it’s going to. Has guaranteed a response every time.