The Modern Woman’s Sexual Strategy

Original post by /u/RedPope:

I’m calling this The Modern Woman’s Sexual Strategy. It is their formula. A woman’s default script for her 30s and 40s.

/u/Kill_Your_Ego posted a controversial FR. He is fucking a woman, knowing she keeps a BB in reserve. He made a joke, saying he should knock her up, since her BB genuinely seems like he’d make a great dad.

One TRP member was disgusted. His comment and OP’s response:

I would not let a beta raise my son

LOL. As if you even have a choice.

His answer is the absolute truth and the correct response. It may make you angry. It may make you sad. Put emotion aside for a moment and we’ll examine the topic in depth. I’m assuming you’ve skimmed the sidebar. You’ve been beaten over the head with AF/BB, but go reread Briffault’s Law if you can’t remember it. In this article, we’re going to put 1 and 1 together and make 2.

AF/BB + Briffault’s Law

Right now this woman wants the AF. Once she’s pregnant, she will want the BB. She does not want OP raising her kid. According to his story, the one and only benefit he provides is sex. Why the fuck would she keep OP once pregnant? His job is done. His desires are irrelevant. AF is sexy and cool, but unreliable and distant. BB has a 6 figure salary and stability. No contest.

And so she will do the responsible thing and “outgrow” her AF badboy. She will “settle down” and be a get married to BB. She will even convince herself BB was the one she wanted all along. Her true love.

(In the event she marries the AF, or BB is the actual biological father, results do not really differ. She will work tirelessly to domesticate him into a BB role.)

The wedding is expensive and wonderful. The highlight of her life. She will become a true and faithful housewife! Long enough to get the kid out of diapers, anyway. Long enough to get a new car. “We need an SUV to fit the stroller!”

Her next choice then depends on if she wants a second kid. If so, she revisits AF (or finds a new version). During this time, BB husband will enjoy an increase in sex. He’ll be convinced the marriage is finally back on track. BB is happy. Of course, she just needs him to be convinced the second spawn might be his. Maybe it is. Doesn’t matter.

If she doesn’t want a second child, she visits a divorce attorney. Gets an estimate on what she should receive in child support. The attorney also informs her how long she has to remain married to get alimony. Year or so? She’ll rough that out while branch swinging. More than 2 years? Well shit. Might as well have that second kid after all. She’ll get so much more child support.

Quits her job, if she hadn’t already. Three years later, second kid is out of diapers now. They’ve been married 7+ years. First kid is in school. She convinces BB to trade in for a newer SUV. No matter how much he earns, she’s slowly maxing out his credit cards. Meanwhile, the steady decline in duty sex has finally reached dead bedroom status. She is unhappy. BB doesn’t understand why. He is giving her every material thing she requests.

She heads back to the divorce attorney. If she’s lucky, BB sought out some brief solace with a slut or prostitute. He takes all the blame, and in his guilt, gives her everything, uncontested. Otherwise she gets the minimum package: 2-5 years of alimony (aka spouse support) plus 15-16 years child support. Primary custody, the SUV, all her jewelry, half the equity in the house, and half the savings. A few crocodile tears and BB will probably sweeten the deal (extra furniture and cash), just to get it over with.

I don’t even consider this “theory” anymore. Go buy a pitcher of beer for any of your 30-something divorced friends. Get them talking about their marriage. This same script gets repeated again and again and again.

The newly divorced woman is now in her mid/late 30s. She probably isn’t rich, but she’ll be comfortable for a decade or more. Alimony goes quick, but since child support doesn’t count as income, she qualifies for every government welfare program. She’s driving a $70,000 SUV while on food stamps.

She may hit the bars now and then, hook up with an aging silverback for the trill. But mostly, she’s hunting for secondary BB. Online dating is a godsend. Eventually she meets some nice guy with a mid-level caeer. Tells him how her ex was abusive. “Will you sit with me when he picks the kids up for his weekend visitation? He intimidates me.” How angry and sad the ex looks. Maybe her story is plausible. New BB feels like a protector.

She milks him for a vacation or two. Some extra cash so her kids can sign up for little league and summer camp. Lots and lots and lots of dinners out. But he’s boring, and not near wealthy enough, so she goes back to dating. Rinse and repeat. Meanwhile she eases her way back into the workplace. Child support will be ending soon.

Post menopause. She does a half-assed job at work, but it doesn’t matter. Soon she’ll be a double (or triple) minority. Untouchable. No AF in years now. Even BB are only good for the rare meal or weekend trip. She is sad and frequently broke, but she has her cat and church groups. Kids don’t visit often enough. Ingrates. After all the sacrifices she made? Their real dad ran off before they were born. Her ex-husband abandoned her. The government? No help at all. She did it all herself. But what was the point? No one appreciates her. Thank God for Xanax.