The Modern Woman’s Sexual Strategy

Original post by /u/RedPope:

I’m calling this The Modern Woman’s Sexual Strategy. It is their formula. A woman’s default script for her 30s and 40s.

/u/Kill_Your_Ego posted a controversial FR. He is fucking a woman, knowing she keeps a BB in reserve. He made a joke, saying he should knock her up, since her BB genuinely seems like he’d make a great dad.

One TRP member was disgusted. His comment and OP’s response:

I would not let a beta raise my son

LOL. As if you even have a choice.

His answer is the absolute truth and the correct response. It may make you angry. It may make you sad. Put emotion aside for a moment and we’ll examine the topic in depth. I’m assuming you’ve skimmed the sidebar. You’ve been beaten over the head with AF/BB, but go reread Briffault’s Law if you can’t remember it. In this article, we’re going to put 1 and 1 together and make 2.

AF/BB + Briffault’s Law

Right now this woman wants the AF. Once she’s pregnant, she will want the BB. She does not want OP raising her kid. According to his story, the one and only benefit he provides is sex. Why the fuck would she keep OP once pregnant? His job is done. His desires are irrelevant. AF is sexy and cool, but unreliable and distant. BB has a 6 figure salary and stability. No contest.

And so she will do the responsible thing and “outgrow” her AF badboy. She will “settle down” and be a get married to BB. She will even convince herself BB was the one she wanted all along. Her true love.

(In the event she marries the AF, or BB is the actual biological father, results do not really differ. She will work tirelessly to domesticate him into a BB role.)

The wedding is expensive and wonderful. The highlight of her life. She will become a true and faithful housewife! Long enough to get the kid out of diapers, anyway. Long enough to get a new car. “We need an SUV to fit the stroller!”

Her next choice then depends on if she wants a second kid. If so, she revisits AF (or finds a new version). During this time, BB husband will enjoy an increase in sex. He’ll be convinced the marriage is finally back on track. BB is happy. Of course, she just needs him to be convinced the second spawn might be his. Maybe it is. Doesn’t matter.

If she doesn’t want a second child, she visits a divorce attorney. Gets an estimate on what she should receive in child support. The attorney also informs her how long she has to remain married to get alimony. Year or so? She’ll rough that out while branch swinging. More than 2 years? Well shit. Might as well have that second kid after all. She’ll get so much more child support.

Quits her job, if she hadn’t already. Three years later, second kid is out of diapers now. They’ve been married 7+ years. First kid is in school. She convinces BB to trade in for a newer SUV. No matter how much he earns, she’s slowly maxing out his credit cards. Meanwhile, the steady decline in duty sex has finally reached dead bedroom status. She is unhappy. BB doesn’t understand why. He is giving her every material thing she requests.

She heads back to the divorce attorney. If she’s lucky, BB sought out some brief solace with a slut or prostitute. He takes all the blame, and in his guilt, gives her everything, uncontested. Otherwise she gets the minimum package: 2-5 years of alimony (aka spouse support) plus 15-16 years child support. Primary custody, the SUV, all her jewelry, half the equity in the house, and half the savings. A few crocodile tears and BB will probably sweeten the deal (extra furniture and cash), just to get it over with.

I don’t even consider this “theory” anymore. Go buy a pitcher of beer for any of your 30-something divorced friends. Get them talking about their marriage. This same script gets repeated again and again and again.

The newly divorced woman is now in her mid/late 30s. She probably isn’t rich, but she’ll be comfortable for a decade or more. Alimony goes quick, but since child support doesn’t count as income, she qualifies for every government welfare program. She’s driving a $70,000 SUV while on food stamps.

She may hit the bars now and then, hook up with an aging silverback for the trill. But mostly, she’s hunting for secondary BB. Online dating is a godsend. Eventually she meets some nice guy with a mid-level caeer. Tells him how her ex was abusive. “Will you sit with me when he picks the kids up for his weekend visitation? He intimidates me.” How angry and sad the ex looks. Maybe her story is plausible. New BB feels like a protector.

She milks him for a vacation or two. Some extra cash so her kids can sign up for little league and summer camp. Lots and lots and lots of dinners out. But he’s boring, and not near wealthy enough, so she goes back to dating. Rinse and repeat. Meanwhile she eases her way back into the workplace. Child support will be ending soon.

Post menopause. She does a half-assed job at work, but it doesn’t matter. Soon she’ll be a double (or triple) minority. Untouchable. No AF in years now. Even BB are only good for the rare meal or weekend trip. She is sad and frequently broke, but she has her cat and church groups. Kids don’t visit often enough. Ingrates. After all the sacrifices she made? Their real dad ran off before they were born. Her ex-husband abandoned her. The government? No help at all. She did it all herself. But what was the point? No one appreciates her. Thank God for Xanax.

Shoe Store Girl

Original post by /u/Kill_Your_Ego:

Here’s my current longest spinning plate. She has a beta bux fiance waiting for her while I fuck her whenever I want. Thought this might be a good time for this FR.

Also I don’t care that you might be her beta fiance.

Met 8 months ago. She worked for a company that my company provided services for. She sold shoes. I would see her every week. At work I am the boss. Boss = instant status bump. Every woman wants to fuck that guy who gives her value through fucking his status into her. Women have fantasies about fucking the boss so go be the boss of women. Order them around. They love being ordered around and having to do what you say.

Hell a few days ago I just told a girl “I want your pen. Give it to me.” This is a makeup sales girl. She did, coyly, and I’ve been carrying it around. When you can boss a bitch around it doesn’t take much for her to imagine being bossed into being on her knees with her mouth open. Display your alpha traits by telling a woman what to do and passing her shit tests.

The hamster has power over a woman. Always gotta be spinning that hamster up. Girls run on their drama hamsters. I spun her hamster a bit by telling her to give me her pen and watching her do it. I may try to plate that girl up if I start to run dry. Well she’s hot so I may try to plate her up and soft next a different plate. She clearly wants to be plated up. Probably has a boyfriend though. Just how it is.

Back to the shoe store girl.

I had a few nights working late at her company. She watched me boss people around and her gina tingled up. I started bossing her around and she skimpered around to do my bidding. I didn’t think much of it. She is well over a decade younger then me (I’m breaking the n/2+7 rule BAD), long red hair, dorky girl, and four stupid tattoos who likes playing the Sims (girls like that game). I was pretty much just depressed as shit as it sucks getting your ass raped in a divorce. Still at work I’m as alpha as I can be hence why I am in charge.

After our third night working together over a few weeks I went home and cracked open a beer. At 10:30pm I get a text from an unknown number. “Hey what are you up to?” After a few who is this and what do you want I get her to agree to a movie date. I finger fucked her during the movie and that’s all I remember. Sliding my hands up her skirt and feeling her writhe. I don’t even remember what movie it was. And she blew me in the parking lot. A month later on her third night at my house in my bed I had a real red pill wake up call.

We are sleeping in my bed. She got wind of my bondage shit and wanted to know what it was like. I had spent the day texting her about how I was going to tie her up and fuck her raw. Fuck her mouth until she puked. How she was going to beg for me to finally cum inside of her. And then that happened. And we went to sleep on my bed. Some of my shit is still tied to my bedposts. Around 3am she frantically starts trying to climb over me. Wakes me up in this mad rush of limbs. She stumbles over me and falls out of my bed, no glasses on, and I vaguely watch her fumble for her phone (that isn’t ringing, it’s just vibrating, yet somehow this woke her up) as she freaks out to answer her phone. At 3am.

And I lay there. In my bed. I watch her body go from frantic to just shrugging shoulders. I saw her entire body language collapse as I listened, in silence, pretending to sleep, to her conversation. Watching her fake being tired. I couldn’t really hear her as she was whispering and pretending to be asleep in her room in her condo while she sat in this chair that I’m sitting on while I laid on my bed and pretended to sleep. But I could hear her beta bux fiance. He was loud. This was when I first discovered she had a fiance.

How are you baby? I love you baby! Kisses baby! I can’t wait to see you baby! Sweet dreams baby!

She came back to my bed. I squeezed her tits and then got up and went out of my room for the rest of the night. I had to think about this. I slept on my couch in a robe.

I soft nexted her for a month. I soft next her constantly especially when the shit tests rise. Yet this plate spins on. She has tried to turn me into a beta by whispering into my ear, I love you, after I fucked her for an hour. LOL yeah whore you love me like a woman can. I would be such a good girlfriend to you. No you are a good plate. You clean my house, cook me food, and come over when I want you to come over. Then you leave. Do you ever think about what it would be like if we were married? I had a dream you were my boyfriend. Do you think we’d have cute kids? Etc..

A few days ago she had another “dream” about me. I didn’t even text her back.

I barely hear about the BB fiance. He knows about me. When she talks about him to me I just see it as another shit test. Here are some shit tests she’s given me.

“Jason thinks I should stop eating candy and start working out. He shouldn’t say those things to me. He’s super fat.”

Tighten my abs. Smirk. ‘Yeah he’s right though you should stop eating candy. I don’t want you getting fat on me.’ Grab her, toss her on the bed, and go. No way this fat guy could toss her around like I can. Girls love that shit.

“I’ve been fighting with my boyfriend about money.”

‘Oh he still can’t afford you, eh?’ (clearly he is the beta bux)

Crying. “Jason said he’d buy me this watch I really wanted. I even showed it to him on pinterest!” (She was literally crying about it.)

‘Well we can get drunk and forget about it.’ While I open the bottle of liquor she bought to bring to my house. I will almost never buy her anything. Not even food. I get her to go to the grocery store, buy food, and bring it over to cook.

Shit tests come from every woman. Maintain your frame. At all times. Shit tests will never end. I don’t get many shit tests from her. And if she throws a hard one at me I soft next her immediately.

I’ve discovered shit about her future beta bux. They plan on getting married in two years. He has a bright future as a fat beta. They plan on having children and I’m aware on some level that I could cuckold this guy and have him raise my kid. Though I guess I’ve already soft cuckolded him. He’d be a good dad to my kid. I may do this. Also she is waiting until marriage for sex with this beta. Though he gets blowjobs. He just doesn’t get to fuck her anywhere else. I do whatever I want to her. Just to make sure I can.

And she would love to branch swing to me. But the only benefit I see from letting her shackle me with “boyfriend” status is a little bit of safety to fuck her vagina without a condom. Sex without a condom is the biggest draw for me to get into an LTR now.

I routinely ignore her. I’ll get five texts for every text she gets back. She’s an HB6 face with an HB8 body. I think she has potential to get to an HB9 body. She’s on her way. Sad that so many American women are fat. I’ve been getting her to start working out and this makes her beta happy as well. Which makes her happier with me.

Also I’ve been getting her to learn to suck cock better. She doesn’t have a lot of experience. Just like giving her fiance a BJ every other week when his whining gets bad enough. Anyway she can learn with me. Her beta fiance can thank me later when she gets good at it. I had to teach her to stop using those fucking teeth, only with much restraint, and to take her time. Put her hand on my balls while she works. You betas out there? I’m teaching your fiance how to suck a cock well. You’re welcome. Oiy and the sick porn this girl watches. I won’t even watch the porn she likes anymore. It’s disgusting.

But I’m sure her beta fiance believes she doesn’t watch porn. No she’s a good church going woman.

Oiy I could write a ton about this plate. I show her pictures of other plates and this makes her better in bed and more compliant. Oh! When she finally saw a picture of my ex-wife (gorgeous woman) she was so sad. Told me, “wow she’s so beautiful.” In my head I just sighed and thought, “tell me about it.” But I maintained frame and that was the second most wild night of sex I’ve gotten from her.

One day this plate will spin away. I just don’t care. There are other women out there I can spin up. I have other plates. I am working on spinning more. So you betas, your fiance is coming over to my house, blowing you off, sucking my cock, cleaning my room, making me lunch, and then going home and texting you with “I love you baby.” And I will never give her any of the precious commitment you have shackled yourself into. Be aware of what a HUGE step it is for you to grant any woman your masculine commitment and go monogamous with her. To even be her “boyfriend.” This is a huge investment from you as a man and you need to be very red pill aware.

Accept this reality. This is reality. Deal with it. The patriarchy existed to control men, ultimately. Without a patriarchy to give me the actual chance to have a feminine wife, a good woman, modest, who cooks and cleans, and is a good mother, then why should I not go spin plates forever? You betas are shackling yourself down into a social contract that was burnt away fifty years ago! There is no more social contract between me and you to not fuck your fiance.

I’ll write up a field report on fucking a married woman one of these days as well.

Now go read the sidebar. Go lift. Eat clean. Go jogging. Work on your career. Practice your game Read some paper novels. Spin some plates. Stop posting. I don’t want to hear from you until you have at least one plate spinning. You have better things to do then post here.

Comment #1:

I can’t believe there are so many blue pillers infesting TRP. Even EC’s are writing that I should bow to their morality. Though I’m happy to see their posts are getting erased by the mods. Hell should I not be on alt 10 here I’d be an EC with 10,000 karma from this sub. This sub is going to the shitter.

Shoe Store Girl

I had no intention of texting this plate. Hell I have a much better looking plate (dog trainer girl) who also has a boyfriend (whatever the fuck that even means anymore). I’d rather text her but I’m not gonna text her tonight. This whore got some attention so I could try to demonstrate to all you beta faggots that there are guys everywhere you don’t even know about who are gonna be fucking your girl.

Take whatever you want from this information. Or come bro knight against me.

These taken women? They all want to branch swing up to me. Should I have given them the privilege of turning me into their “boyfriend” (I read this as BB) then I never would have even known that most of them even had a boyfriend.

Take your shaming and shove it up your ass. I don’t care. What do you think is gonna happen? Is some guy gonna come shoot me with a shotgun? LOL.

Yeah and I learned quite a bit of game by reading the messages from the men who were fucking my wife. The only solution for you is to not commit to these whores. Go MGTOW, spin plates, and wait for society to get even more fucked up until we can put a patriarchy back into place.

Comment #2:

Why would she feel guilty? Her BB is still there waiting for her and “him” to have kids. She knows I won’t tell him and destroy her reputation. And she gets to come “visit” with her “friend” and get fucked in my bathroom.

Yeah one thing I do with my plates is take their phone away from them and read their texts. Intentionally. I can’t believe every actual man doesn’t do this. Sure I have to pass some shit tests to do this but I pass them or next her.

This plate seems to have around 8 beta orbiters a month texting her. Three of them are the same guys and they are truly pathetic. Me and one other alpha a month fucking her. Maybe only one other AF every other month. And her BB talking baby talk to her.

Life as a woman. You get 8 orbiters, 2 AF, and 1 BB a month. Cash out.

Oh she has been sad when her other AF have nexted her. I use it as an excuse to fuck her the way I want. To spin her hamster up. I don’t care who fucks her because she is just another whore plate. I care if the chicken enchiladas she makes me are good enough, how nice she is to me while we go driving through the mountains, and whether or not she’ll suck me off in my car while we go look at the autumn leaves.

I’m well aware of how this is no good for society and how one day her BB is going to figure out that she’s getting her AF and a divorce is imminent. He’ll still take care of whatever kids “he” has. I’ve watched this happen. I’m living it. Thank god my divorce rape took place in my thirties. Now I can enhance my SMV and keep plating these young hotties.

Hell this girl couldn’t even buy alcohol when I first fucked her. She can now though. And I do enjoy the pain in my ex wifes face when I let her see my plates.

There is no reason all of you can’t do this as well. You are just living in an illusionary prison.

I got dumped by a plate. But the ultimate in AFBB‏

Original post by raceAround126:

There’s no easier way to have reassurance of TRP than to just see it unfold in front of you. I’m amazed at just how accurate this place is. And yes, it certainly appears, AWALT! My plate left about 20 minutes ago and all I could think of doing was getting straight on here!

I hooked up with this girl about two months ago. She bored me immensely personality-wise but we fucked on the first date. Holy crap she was incredible. Seriously the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. Not difficult though – sex with my SO never happened much and when it did, it was pretty much lie back and think of England. This girl encouraged me with odd locations, positions, risky environments… you get the idea!

She’s 26, a school teacher and a serious nympho. We had a conversation at one point and we both agreed that all we wanted was sex with at most occasionally meeting in a bar beforehand for a quick drink and that’s it. I never asked her about her work, she didn’t ask about mine. I think she got off on the fact that she didn’t know anything about me past my first name, but occasionally photos and random stuff around my flat would often hint at things she wasn’t a part of. She’d sometimes ask, but I’d evade the question and immediately get sexy.

Last night, I get a sex-text. I’m not up to anything, feeling up for it and let her over. After round 1, she tells me that things need to end. I thought this was a shit-test. Secretly I was a little let down because I was fulfilling a lot of freaky sex fantasies with her and she was down for almost anything. But, keeping TRP in mind I maintained frame, carried on reading a magazine I had in front of me and said, “OK, no worries”.

It was funny how well it worked. She immediately felt the need to spill her guts. I had figured something was up the last time she came over. She was more full on than usual and we tried anal for the first time. We’d talked about it before and this time she was just crazy up for it.

As it turns out, she has a long term boyfriend (news to me) and that she was scared of fucking things up with him. I did wonder as sometimes she’d insist on staying the whole night, other times she would have to leave at specific times. It did add up.

When she had come over last time, her boyfriend had proposed to her over the weekend. This was apparently the spark that made her want to further escalate kinky sex with me.

Part of me felt desperately sorry for this poor sap. But we talked further. I asked why she was so eager to try anal and get a little more freaky. Her response? She felt she couldn’t do those things with her new fiancé and wanted to try out everything possible before getting hitched and settling down. Oh yea, this was after Round 2 at this point.

She went on to tell me the most beta bucks story I could ever imagine. He’s a trainee dentist, his parents are rich and have not only are they picking up the tab for his education, but they’re also agreeing to help fund his first practice and help them with their house deposit.

I asked straight up, “Do you even love this guy? Or is it more that he’s a financial future?” She hamstered a little until telling me that she loved him in a “different” way and that the security he offered was greater than anything I could (not that I was). It was as if to imply that although she liked the sex, she had no confidence in my ability to “provide” or be the basis for her long term future. This despite her having no idea what I do for a living. OK this part burned a little, but I quickly realized that this was just hamster excuses to elevate her fiance just for the moment, but I was the sex she wanted.

She also admitted that she didn’t get up to anything freaky with him bedroom-wise as she didn’t “feel like that” about him. It was also very apparent that it appeared the reason why she head to finish with me – her first and only explanation by the way – was that it was getting more difficult to convince Beta Bucks that these nights away were all entirely work related. She was apparently headed to the airport from mine so she could maintain and convince Beta Bucks that she’d just arrived back from somewhere.

So basically, she liked getting freaky with me because she wanted to get it out of her system. Suits me, that was quite the experience.

So, it’s the morning, I wake up to her drying her hair after showering. I said something like “You just got off a flight, can’t look too pristine!” And there came round 3… On the plus side, that 30 minute sex sesh was awesome, like this is the last time kinda sex. Hair properly ruffled and a little sweat on her, the pretence was more or less complete. On the down side, I now need to head to Ikea for a new desk… we broke mine as it wasn’t totally against the wall and the left side ripped off as I was slamming her so hard.

Before she left, I asked, “Where’s your engagement ring?”. Quickly followed by an “Oh shit”… ruffle around in her jacket and a “Thank you for reminding me…” as she drags it out of her pocket with a crumpled £5 note and hurriedly shimmies it up her finger.

The door closed but she looked back at me as she closed it with a smile. At that point, I just felt a little like something tells me this isn’t over, but if it is, whatever!

On the one hand I feel terrible for the Beta Bucks. Mainly as that could have been me just as easily. But even though through reading posts here I was kinda prepared for some eventuality to someday occur. I have to admit, I just wasn’t prepared for the events last night. It was stunning to say the least. For the entire situation to just unfold in front of me like that… it was… admittedly kinda scary. I’ve done things with this girl that I’ve sometimes seen in porn movies. Shit, gonna miss her if she does indeed finish it. But knowing there’s some guy who is basically being taken for an utter shit ride is kinda… terrible.

But there you go… I guess, for the first time in my life, I’ve been the alpha fucks side of this equation. I’m not sure how I feel about it in honesty. I didn’t want anything more than fucking this girl and her behaviour is beyond atrocious. But knowing there’s some guy whose getting pretty much owned in this situation is a little disheartening. Conscience fucking with my head.

tl/dr: Found out my plate was just engaged. I’m and alpha fux.

EDIT: I know a lot of you are all courageous and would “do the right thing” and go tell him. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t as it’s nothing to do with me, I have zero way of contacting him at all. No name, no address, no nothing. In fact, if she disappeared tomorrow, I have no evidence other than some phone pics that I’d ever met her. But, to put your mind at rest, she’s already sought another audience with raceAround126 😀 I guess she really didn’t mean it’s over.

And a very good answer by HumanSockPuppet:

“Illusions” are lies that a woman tells to herself in order to feel good (or at the very lest, feel justified) about what she is doing.

Here are some classic examples of illusions concocted by women:

  • I’m only cheating because I suspect he cheated first, so it’s his fault.
  • I can have sex with as many guys as I want and not feel like a slut, because the sex doesn’t mean anything. It’s just harmless fun.
  • I don’t usually do this, so doing it doesn’t make me a bad person.
  • These guys won’t date me because they can’t handle a real woman.

Most of these excuses are patently false when held up to even mild scrutiny. Women will even say things that were disproven only seconds earlier. Men are creatures of fact and observation. We evaluate statements based on their truth and accuracy, so witnessing this in action can quite confusing. Many guys will often feel compelled to shut down such overt lies by calling attention to them, usually with embarrassing results for the girl.

The thing to remember is that these kinds of statements are not valuable for their accuracy, but rather for how they fit into the woman’s narrative about the kind of person she thinks she is, and about the kind of person she wants OTHER PEOPLE TO THINK she is.

In this post, OP helped his plate maintain her illusions in several ways:

  1. He didn’t express surprise or shock when she revealed she had a boyfriend.
  2. He did not judge her about her sexual promiscuity, and instead showed sympathy and interest in her need for a dirty partner.
  3. He advised her against looking too good if her story was that she’d just got off a plane.
  4. He reminded her to put on her engagement ring.

By doing this, proved that he was one of the few guys who understands women enough to value her need for comforting lies over some blind adherence to honesty as an abstract principle.

Remember, women are just as concerned about social status as men are. But where a man’s value comes from the appearance of having honesty, integrity, and a good work ethic, a woman’s value comes from her apparent chasteness and consideration for other people’s feelings.

Be bad and get ahead, but lie and say that you’re good like everyone else. It’s the recipe for real success, but a dangerous game to play. The more you help people win, the most disposed they will be towards you.

Fuck you, I will NOT be your beta provider

As per Renacimiento10:

UPDATE: /u/drrrrrr has made me have a major epiphany – I have no social value whatsoever and I got myself into this. I have nobody to blame but myself…Thank you all for waking me up. If I continue with the way I was before that huge realization, there would have been a 120% chance that I would end up as a real Beta Provider while my “wife” goes out and cheats on me like most women do in “marriages” anyways…

Selected comment:

drrrrrr: Think about it this way. No one has been using you. You have been giving yourself away for free. You’ve been putting yourself up to be used by any chick who gives you a little attention. You give her validation and approval, she gives you a little hot girl flirtation. You have been giving away yourself for free – you are essentially the girl who gives her pussy up to anyone who tells her “nice shoes”. You cannot blame them for treating you like an emotional sponge – that is how you approached them as .

People value what they earn. Make her earn your presence in her life. If she wants validation, that’s all well and good, I’ll validate the hell out of that ass as soon as I’m done with it.