Tinder FR – Who needs plates anymore?

Original post by raceAround126:

I was sat at 6:30 last night. I just got through with a busy day of gym sessions, car repairs and enjoying my free weekend.

At the moment, I’m down to one plate who is flaky at best. So I decided to give this tinder business a whirl. I’ve never really paid it much attention before. I followed a YouTube guide when I set it up ages ago and forgot about it. I simply put up a single picture of me. Quite frankly, I was posing! But there you go.

So I started swiping right and messaging while waiting for my dinner to cook! I was direct, I simply said words to the effect of “I don’t care about you, don’t want to get to know you, just want fun, games and sex for one night only!” Copy and paste that and that was it.

I have to admit, it was a joke on my part. I had no real belief that it would “work” or any belief that I would be doing anything other later that night than trying to decide on whether or not to stay in watch a movie, or to go out and hit the town.

A few moments later, I was busy on other things and noticed a whole bunch of tinder replies. Some of them were along the lines of “creep” or “pervert”… whatever. But, a fair few of them were “I’m game, where r u”. In fact, of the messages I sent, I’d say over half were positive replies.

It can’t be that easy! So, I picked three hot looking ones and messaged back. I applied the usual investigative procedures, as in photos not taken too close to avoid fatties, profiles that actually had some information to prove the person was real, etc. I figured all would flake if they even would agree to meet at all. But I kept it up anyhow.

Long story short, one girl got way too wordy so stopped replying. Too many messages about her life story, not interested. Usually I’d text game, but I felt deviating from the original mission would show weakness. Eventually after ignoring various messages, she just said, “So, where you wanna meet?” Stay on mission, boys!

In the end all three agreed to meet. I set up 8pm meets with them in different pubs. The true epitome of window shopping. Now, bear in mind, I’m still of the impression that none of this would work and it was just a game on my part.

So, pub 1. I went past the window and was almost blown away to see my tinder date had arrived early! Sadly she looked a helluva lot older than her photo and a lot larger. Eh, I’m not that desperate enough to go in and try and impress someone who looked like a moping mess. I simply messaged her and said, “Not going to make it”. I think her replies were along the lines of “Fuck you” but there were more words than that which I didn’t read.

Pub 2, no date. I guessed she flaked.

Pub 3, date present and correct. And she looked more or less like her photo. Not bad. She looked up for it so why not. I was about to go in and make my intro when date 2 messaged telling me she would be late but she’d “make it up to me.”

Back to pub 2 it is. I arrived just to see her getting out of her car and she’s stonking. What a dilemma. Two dates, both actually pretty good looking and both pretty much assured that they were coming for no strings fucking.

Fuck me lads, this shit works.

I went with date 2. Simply, she looked like she made more of an effort and not as bike-ish as date 3. Date 2 was also the date that got wordy and I ignored after a while. So I went in and met her.

After the initial nervousness, claims that she’d “never done this sort of thing before” and she “can’t believe she’s really here with a total strnager” which seemed to be actually believable given the nervousness and looked like she was close to bailing, but I chatted her up and had a laugh with her. Did the whole changing location thing, random fun bits around town (my hallmark). Just after midnight, we were at her place getting to know her pussy. Oh and then her pussy!

I think I picked a winner. She was quite conservative looking, didn’t appear to be an outright slut. Put it another way, she came across as the kind of girl that you would happily introduce to your Mother. Sex-wise, again after the initial nervousness she was up for why we were there for sure. As usual, did the ol’ check out my phone photos ooh lets take a selfie security shots. A bit of fun mixed with safety. No buttsex, but she seemed game for escalating. The more adventurous I got, so did she. A pretty good fucky time all round. I guess the assurance it was no strings helped that one out.

So, lessons learned.

  1. I’m absolutely floored that this even worked.
  2. I think I spent the grand total of £3 on a beer for myself and I guess £1 or so on mobile data. A lot cheaper than most club entry costs.
  3. The girls on tinder are basically looking to get fucked. And most will make themselves available at the drop of a hat. My one had previously arranged to go out with friends, but viewed me as a better offer.
  4. If you try this, I would say your game needs to be expert level. The true definition of not giving a shit. You will need to play with her verbally, be absolutely sure not to have a single awkward moment and be sure not to be the clown. Easy going, a mixture of reserved closed book and fun.
  5. I’m as shocked as you are! I wouldn’t describe myself as super hot, but I work out and have everything in the right place.
  6. If you come across genuine and not creepy, she’ll make you breakfast in the morning too!

So all in all… tinder, fuck yeah! Will hit this shit again!

Tinder Pickup Lines

Original post by raystantz:

2 plates crashed over a 3 week period so I finally got tinder last Thursday. Here’s lines used on matches and their response rate-

Song quotes- 5/7

  • People keep repeating
  • Just a small town girl
  • More than a feeling
  • Is my love your drug
  • You can’t always get what you want
  • Shake it off

These worked alright for me, they couldn’t help but say the next line or that they knew the song. But weren’t very engaged.

Compliments 1/3

  • XXXX is my kryptonite
  • If you were furniture you’d be the lamp from a Christmas story
  • You’ve got a ‘celebrity’ look to you

I think girls get the validation they want from compliments like these so they don’t feel the need to respond, so they didn’t.

Negs 4/4

  • It’s all about that Bass, no treble
  • Who dresses you?
  • You look like the girl that always dies first in horror movies!
  • I loved you in the muppet movies!

As always these worked the best, got them engaged right from the start and made them feel their feelings or challenge me.

Have slept with two of them and my cupboard is full again, not surprisingly both from the neg openers. They helped set the tone. Don’t know if this is a pointless post but my buddy said matches were easy but getting responses from quality women was hit or miss.

Others added theirs, too:

johnyann: My go-to is “how many pushups can you do?” I have no idea why but I get a lot of good responses.

a_nus: Somewhat relevant. When a girl compliments my arms, I tell her to show me her own guns. Gives me the chance to make kino by touching her arms and sets her up for some good ol neggin

CryptoManbeard: One of my favorites: “Flex.” <feel her guns> “No seriously, flex.”

tits_out_forTheBoys: I stole my go-to opener from another RedPiller’s blog, but it works fairly well and sends the intended message: you look like trouble 😉

Another thing which has worked really well for me is midway through the conversation, send her a message, “#.” It’s cocky, it’s funny, and it’s aloof. She might respond with something like “Straight forward, aren’t you?” But just reply with another # sign. It hasn’t failed me yet, no joke.

Credit for that technique goes to Chateau Heartiste’s blog post on Tinder game.

Note: “#” as in “phone #”, not “pound” or “hashtag”.

thredditsowaway: The “neg” is so well-known that every girl knows about it. Girls these days are actively watching out for negs. But they still work. Funny, isn’t it?

Bookkeep: I’m currently using Tinder as a girl with a few bikini pics just for shits and giggles.

I don’t waste much time on it but roughly, 100 swipes, 90-95 matches. 70-80 messages to me. 1-2 messages that weren’t “Hi” “Hey” or “Hi Jane Doe how are you?:”

0 Negative/angry messages.

CloakedOrchid: Once again the Average Joe sets the bar extremely low for us. I’ve had great success with just “Hey you’re cute!” paired with some comment about one of their photos/interests.

WardlyHasted: My profile for a while was: “Looking for a smart, kind, strong and confident woman. Someone who can hold a conversation, has a sense of humour, likes to have fun…. just kidding — brunette with a sweet ass, no fatties.

Worked pretty well. Some girls would even message first saying something like “I actually thought you were a nice guy for a minute”, “oh so your actually a dick” and my favourite, “wow do girls actually message you with that profile?”

Vaganusaurus: My favorite thing to do is blow-up acting beta or socially inept to comical levels in a very short period of time before leveling out at whatever pace works for the girl.

My favorite thing is asking her to go to applebee’s with me because my grandma got me a gift card that still has $22 on it and then I go on to mention what 2 for $20 meal we’ll get and what the names of our future children will be. I vary writing style, vocabulary, character backstory and amount of detail depending on the perceived intelligence of the person it’s going to. Has guaranteed a response every time.